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Phone:07 4993 1371
After Hours:07 4990 3000

About Us

Theodore Medical provides a comprehensive rural general practice including surgery, anaesthetics and obstetrics. Also available on site is a wide range of diagnostic services including x-ray, ultrasound, hearing, heart and breathing tests. Other services include acupuncture, back manipulation and dispensary.

This practice is the only private practice in Theodore and services the townships of Theodore, Cracow and surrounding areas. The practice is fully accredited through AGPAL and strives to uphold a high standard of service.

The Principal, Dr Bruce Chater, is a Medical Superintendent (of Theodore Hospital) with Right of Private Practice. The practice also employs an assistant doctor (part-time), Dr Adele Love and two registrars, currently Drs Robert Pickahm and Dr Ben Brimblecombe. Both Dr Pickham and Dr Brimblecombe are also Medical Officers Right of Private Practice.

As a training practice, Theodore Medical has two University of Queensland medical students attached to the practice each academic year. As well as these students, other medical students from other Australian and overseas universities enjoy time attached to this practice. Notices will advise you of a student's presence and your permission for them to be a part of your consultation is requested. If this situation is unacceptable to you, please fell free to decline the offer of their presence.

Keeping abreast of technology, Theodore Medical is a fully computerised surgery using Medical Director as the clinical software and Pracsoft for administration. A self-check-in kiosk (similar to those used in airports) is available for patients to alert staff of attendance and to update contact details. The practice has two servers managing patient records and follows strict protocols to ensure this information is secure.

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