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Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL)                                                   

Theodore Medical undergoes practice accreditation every three years and will complete their sixth accreditation cycle in early 2015.                                                                

What is AGPAL accreditation?

Accreditation is an integral part of good general practice in Australia. General practices that achieve accreditation meet a set of nationally recognised standards that focus on health care quality and patient safety. Accreditation is a voluntary process – many patients are surprised to learn this. Accreditation involves an independent third party, assessment by AGPAL of how a practice operates.  

What does accreditation mean for me, my family and the community?

AGPAL accreditation helps you to know your doctor and practice team are committed to delivering high quality health care in a safe environment.

This means your practice team:

  • can clearly identify who you are
  • educate you about your health needs
  • protects your privacy
  • appropriately maintain your health records by clinical team members
  • stay informed about current quality health care
  • continuously look at ways to improve, and
  • is committed to your health care.

What areas do the RACGP Standards cover?

The RACGP Standards covers a range of areas including:

  • practice services
  • right and need of patients
  • safety, quality improvement and education 
  • practice management, and
  • physical factors of the general practice

How do I know if my practice has undergone AGPAL accreditation?

Look for the AGPAL Accredited General Practice Symbol when you next visit your local practice. A practice that has the AGPAL Symbol is committed to delivering better health care for you, your family and the community