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Phone:07 4993 1371
After Hours:07 4990 3000


If some part of our service is not the way you expect it, please speak with us OR complete a feedback/suggestion form and place in the gold suggestion box which sits in the waiting room. Alternatively please email with your thoughts We are approachable and will take any steps necessary to improve the services we provide.

We also have feedback cards on the reception desk that we welcome your evaluation on your visit.


The doctor is always available to speak with you if you have a serious complaint or difficulty. We believe that problems are best dealt with personally in this way. However, if you feel there is a problem you wish to take up outside, you may contact:

The Office of Health Ombudsman
Street Address:
George Street

Mailing Address:
P O Box 13281

Phone: 133 646
Fax: (07) 3319 6350
Email: or complaints

Response to Patient Survey

Thanks to all those who recently completed our confidential practice survey. We appreciated your feedback.

Aspects of the practice you like include: the time doctors spend with you, their reassurance, ability to listen, warmth of greeting, explanations, concern for patients, recommendations and confidence in their ability. Patients felt the waiting room was comfortable, liked the reminder system; that doctor of choice was accessible and that illness prevention was well addressed.

Waiting time continues to be an area of concern for both patients and doctors. Our doctors are aware of the need to provide high quality consultations and hospital services whilst keeping in mind the clock knowing patients are sitting in the waiting room.

Some of the factors that contribute to waiting times include emergencies and longer consultation especially in LOOP. Please try to come prepared for your consultation with details of what you need so that we can priorities your problems. We may not be able to deal with everything in one appointment if we are to run to time. With respect to emergencies, please remember that we admit between 1 and 5 patients to hospital most days and deliver 1 baby most weeks – these take time and will mean unpredictable delays. Our staff will try to keep you informed of progress on those occasions but please feel free to contact us to check if the doctors are running to time. Bruce, at times, also gets pulled away for matters that affect the community and even though we try to schedule these sometimes they arise unexpectedly.

One suggestion made to improve the waiting time was to have a coffee machine. Theodore Medical wants to support the businesses of Theodore so suggest that the three outlets for coffee in Theodore are supported. Coffee is available at the service station across the road from the surgery, the Bakery and Theodore Home and Garden both located in The Boulevard.

With respect to feedback, please feel free to talk with Anne or Bruce if you have any concerns. The gold paper covered suggestion box sits on the display cabinet in the waiting room along with pen and paper. The box will be cleared every week and feedback responded to within two weeks. 

Results December 2014 Patient Survey - Click on link to see survey results