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Medical Centre
Phone:07 4993 1371
After Hours:07 4990 3000

Services Available

The Practice services a rural community of miners, agricultural workers, families and an aged population mirroring the Australian aged demographics and industry. By striving to provide the best services to the community the Theodore Medical Centre has brought many facilities into the practice, including:

  • X-ray facilities

  • On-Site Dispensary limited to non PBS medications for after hours/emergencies and convenience

  • ECG - Electrocardiograph or heart tracing

  • Spirometry - lung function testing

  • Cryotherapy - freezing sunspots

  • Slit Lamp - removal of foreign bodies from eye and inner eye health

  • Operating microscope for ear suctions

  • Minor Operative facilities

  • Diagnostic Ultrasound - used to determine confinement dates and check pregnancies

  • Audiometry -  hearing testing

  • Immunisation fridge - constant temperature monitoring of vaccines

  • Oximetry - to measure oxygen saturation levels

  • Lifepack 9 - Defibrillator - to restart the heart

  • Thomas Pack - Emergency rescue equipment

Extra Rural Medicine Training

To utilise these facilities, the doctors of Theodore Medical Centre have undertaken training in additional rural medical skills, including:

  • Acupuncture

  • Anaesthetics

  • Manual therapy (Back Manipulation)

  • Radiography/Radiology/Ultrasound

  • Surgery

  • Obstetrics

Pathology or Test Results

  • Pathology services are offered in the practice for the convenience of Theodore Medical Centre patients.

  • Pathology requests from outside GPs and Specialists will need to be arranged during a consultation with one of our doctors.

  • Pathology tests are sent to Sullivan & Nicolaides Pathology in Rockhampton or to Brisbane.

Listed are a few handy tips about pathology results.

  • The Practice Nurses will contact you as soon as possible if there is anything the doctors need to report to you
  • Some results may mean an appointment to come back to doctor is required
  • Such appointments mean a significant result. This appointment is important to your health and should be kept.
  • Ensure the surgery always has your up to date contact details - phone or mobile phone number- so you can be reached and please ensure that this it the one you want them to reach you on
  • Receptionists are not able to give out results
  • If you don't hear from our practice nurse then the results are within normal limits. However, if you would like to contact us re your results, please ring after 10.30am and before 1.00pm
  • If detailed information is required about a result please make an appointment to discuss with doctor who is best trained to answer all your questions and concerns