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Travel Information

Bruce, in his role as secretary of the WONCA Working Party on Rural Medicine (a worldwide organisation ensuring rural communities all over the world have access to health care), has been to some intriguing countries including Nepal, Nigeria and Tibet and has first hand experience in what it is to be a traveller in some of the more far flung corners of the world.

Please make your travel related appointment 4 to 6 weeks before your departure to discuss your travel health needs with Bruce or one of our other doctors. Some vaccines require a course of injections and some will need time for the vaccinations to work so you are protected before leaving Australia for your destination.

With adequate notice of your impending trip Theodore Medical can provide the following travel vaccinations:

  • Yellow Fever (we are one of a limited number of WHO designated vaccination centres)
  • Rabies
  • Japanese Encephalitis
  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus (ADT)

You may also need such things as medication for altitude sickness, malaria tablets and traveller’s diarrhoea kits which Theodore Medical can assist in supplying.

It will also be important to check that you have an adequate supply of your current medications to take with you. Your medications need to be easily identified so ensure that your prescription medicines still have our dispensary label so bag checks are not met with suspicion.

The cost will be dependent on vaccine plus consultation. Some vaccines are quite expensive.

The following websites will add to your understanding of keeping healthy while you travel. and

It is also a good decision to register your destination with the Australian government at in case you need rescuing in such cases as natural disasters or civil unrest.


Bruce - Annapurna Sanctuary Nepal                         Anne and Bruce Mt Ossa Tasmania


Golden Temple Japan                                                 Kalaba - Nigeria